Introducing the Pixey Deluxe Chrome Editions

Following the success of the Pixey Deluxe and Pixey Deluxe Gold Edition, O-Products are pleased to introduce the latest innovation from Pixey: the Pixey Deluxe Black Chrome and Pixey Deluxe Pink Chrome, the two new Chrome models equipped with an updated USB Type C port. As a trailblazer in the B2B adult market, Pixey continues to redefine the standards of excellence and satisfaction, the company states.

Highlighted on the cover of EAN March edition, the Pixey Deluxe Chrome Editions showcases its sleek design and opulent chrome finishes, with the high contrast between the 2 colours, an all Black Chrome Version and bright Pink Chrome Wand with a white head. This deluxe edition adds an element of sophistication to any collection. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the Pixey Deluxe features cutting-edge technology with its powerful deep massage vibrating motor that go to a soft deep sensual massage to a deep heave massage up to 12.000 rpm. What makes the Pixey Deluxe stand out is that users can enjoy uninterrupted pleasure at any time even while charging. Additionally, the Pixey Deluxe comes complete with a power adapter and a 2.5m long USB-C to USB cord for added convenience.

Renowned for its unwavering reliability, affordability, and impeccable craftsmanship, Pixey stands as a brand of unparalleled distinction in the realm of erotic products. With an extensive lineup of both wired and wireless models, Pixey wand vibrators are revered as the epitome of power and performance. From the classic Pixey Classics to the turbocharged Pixey Turbo and the groundbreaking Pixey Exceed, O-Products continuously innovate their wired and wireless technologies with each new generation. Their commitment to advancement extends to waterproof designs like the Pixey Aquawand and Pixey Aquamini, ensuring an experience that transcends boundaries.

Join O-Products as they celebrate the launch of the Pixey Deluxe at the upcoming EroSpain in Barcelona, Spain, 5-7 May, booth #213. In addition to the Pixey brand, O-Products will proudly offering a diverse range of other erotic toy products, specializing in sex toys and BDSM items crafted from premium materials such as leather and steel, on the trade show. Under their brand KIOTOS, they will showcase an array of sub-brands including Kiotos COX, Kiotos Steel, Kiotos Monstar, Kiotos Leather, Kiotos BDSM, and many more.

Located in Schiedam, the Netherlands, O-Products BV strategically positions itself adjacent to the bustling Port of Rotterdam, Europe’s largest seaport. This strategic location facilitates efficient transportation and logistics, ensuring seamless delivery of our premium erotic products to clients worldwide. As a leading player in the B2B erotic products market, O-Products BV is committed to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction. For any inquiries or further information, please feel free to reach out to AndrĂ© Visser, O-Products’ CEO, directly. He can be reached via email or call directly via +31 6 29 50 65 05. Alternatively, he can be met in person at one of the many conventions O-Products are attend around the globe.