Introducing the We-Vibe Sync O

We-Vibe is thrilled to announce the launch of Sync O, the latest addition to the highly acclaimed Sync family this year. As part of its ongoing commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, Sync O is specifically designed to provide hands-free, solo and PIV (penis-in-vagina) orgasms, delivering exceptional stability and comfort.

The development of Sync O is a testament to We-Vibe’s unwavering dedication to pushing boundaries and creating products that enhance comfort, pleasure and intimacy. With Sync O, We-Vibe has achieved a groundbreaking design that revolutionizes the way users experience pleasure

Introducing the O-Shape: A Perfect Fit for Every Vagina

Sync O’s O-shape design is a true marvel, offering a multitude of benefits that enhance versatility and pleasure. One side of the O-shape is intentionally thicker, allowing it to always bounce back to its original form for enhanced stability when inserted. By simply squeezing it, Sync O effortlessly inserts and hooks from side to side, applying gentle pressure on the lateral walls of the vagina for enhanced stimulation. What sets Sync O apart is its ability to stay securely in place, ensuring a continuous stream of pleasure and uncompromising comfort, even in the absence of the penis. Unlike previous Sync models with cylindrical shapes, Sync O has been ingeniously crafted to create ample room for the penis, while the O shape intentionally exposes the G-spot for the penis, fostering an unparalleled sense of intimacy and connection. According to user insights, an impressive 94% of penis owners report that Sync O is comfortable and not distracting during penetrative sex, further highlighting its effectiveness and popularity among couples seeking optimal pleasure and connection.

Sync O has garnered high praise from vulva owners, with an impressive 91% of female testers1 reporting that it provides a pleasant sensation during penetration. Furthermore, 81% of vulva owners agree that Sync O not only feels pleasurable but also contributes to easier and more satisfying orgasms, taking intimate experiences to new heights.

Not to be outdone, Sync O has also proven to be a delight for penis owners. An overwhelming 81% of respondents expressed that the vibration of Sync O feels pleasant and adds a relevant level of excitement to their experiences. This dual appeal ensures that Sync O caters to the desires and pleasures of all users, making it an exceptional choice for couples and individuals alike. With its ability to deliver pleasure and satisfaction to both vulva and penis owners, Sync O is undoubtedly a game-changer in the realm of intimate pleasure products, providing unparalleled pleasure and excitement for all

Sync O: Unleashing Ultimate Pleasure with its C-Shape, Powerful Motor and Luxurious Materials

Sync O also features a unique C-shape that is engineered to hook under the pelvic bone with a slight arch. Like the other products in the Sync family, an adjustable hinge is used to ensure a secure fit. Sync O also boasts a powerful motor that delivers intense vibrations. The energy from the vibrations is skillfully transferred to the bulb vestibule, stimulating a part of the human anatomy that is often overlooked.

We-Vibe understands the importance of using high-quality materials, and Sync O is no exception. Body- safe silicone, produced without phthalates, BPA, or latex is used, resulting in a significantly softer and more luxurious feel. Finally, Sync O comes equipped with remote control and can be app-enabled, allowing couples to enjoy pleasurable experiences whether they are in the same room or miles apart, transcending physical distance and enhancing intimacy.

Sync O represents a significant milestone in We-Vibe’s journey of innovation and sets the stage for future developments. Notably, the design of Sync O was originally intended to accommodate an additional motor, underscoring We-Vibe’s commitment to continuous improvement, and delivering exceptional pleasure products.

Elisabeth Neumann, We-Vibe Sexologist and User Research Manager, explains, “The Sync O is the first toy in the C-shape range to feature an insertable ring. The space in the middle of the insertable part significantly enhances intimacy. With both partners able to feel each other’s skin, the sensation is closer to PIV-sex than ever before. Moreover, the new shape remains in place, even during more vigorous movements. This discreet presence allows Sync O to boost shared pleasure without being distracting or drawing too much attention. Consequently, you can fully focus on what truly matters in the moment: the connection with your partner. We are very excited to witness the future development of this novelty and the endless possibilities of playfulness that will emerge for future C-shapes.”