Introducing two new Toyfriends

Swedish sex accessory brand Tickler headed by designer Eric Kalén launches two new products, their first new release since the revolutionary and elegant Erection Holder ‘Buddy’ hit the markets in early 2015. The two new Toyfriends are Peggy Vibrating Egg and Rosy Flexible Wand, and especially Peggy is a new direction for Tickler as it is their first rechargeable product, but they stay conservative as Peggy is completely app-free and a remote is included.

Eric Kalén, the designer and founder of Tickler, has this to say about the new products:
“We have stepped up one level this time and made our first USB rechargeable product, Peggy Vibrating Egg! We have always taken pride in making high-quality products with great design and functionality and adding a twist to make them special. Our idea is to make products using the best materials, motors and technology available in combination with a thought-through design but still at a very affordable price. This time we have reinvented a well proven best-selling product, ‘the vibrating egg’, and just taken it to a new level. If that´s not enough, Peggy is 100% app-free and the egg operates up to 20 meters through everything that gets in your way. It´s easy to control by the straight-forward and user-friendly Tickler RF remote control. So no need for a smart phone anymore… With Rosy Toyfriend we have taken another popular product – ‘The Wand’ – to a new level to by making a flexible ‘neck’ and using two motors to give both inside and outside stimulation at the same time. As a product designer I always try to use the flexibility in the lovely Tickler silicone to make products that work with the pressure of the user to follow the body and create more possibilities for pleasure and play. Rosy Flexible Wand is a perfect example of this. And at a great price-point as well which is very important to me, a good time should not cost that much… I truly enjoy developing and design products and I love to make small innovations and find new angles on existing products. (Why reinvent the wheel…?) I think that especially Peggy is a great example of this. So I hope a lot of people buy them and enjoy them!”

Recommended Retail Price is €89 for Peggy and €59 for Rosy.

The products are available from Eropartner and Basic Instinct.