TENGA is announcing the renewal of the TENGA CUP Series

Utilizing 15 years of accumulated expertise and technology, TENGA is proud to announce the first product redesign in company’s 15 year history: The New TENGA CUP Series.

What has changed?

1. New Designs – All CUPs now have the classic TENGA hourglass shape which makes the products easier to hold. In addition to that, all internal designs have been improved to provide an even greater pleasure.

2. New SKUs and Names – While all new CUPs got new SKUs, three CUPs were also renamed.

3. New Variations – From February, there will be ‘Gentle’ and ‘Strong’ variations of three CUPs available, all featuring their own unique internal designs and differing material firmness.

4. New Prices – The RRPs have been modified to be more affordable for customers.