iroha series renewed to make pleasure easier

iroha has renewed its classic and original iroha series as the brand celebrates its 10-year anniversary. The collection of three luxury vibrators is designed to deliver comfort and delight. Encased in our unique and supple Soft-touch Silicone, the pillowy-soft finish is silky smooth to the touch and allows the user to enjoy sensations akin to a massage. The astoundingly discreet and powerful design lets the user indulge in pleasure like never before, and provides a luxurious and delectable experience unlike any other. Furthermore, with three levels of vibration strength from subtle to strong, and two pulse patterns, the iroha series is designed to provide for all tastes and desires.

Self-pleasure is truly at your fingertips and the iroha series features a simple one button control that allows users to control each of the five adjustable vibration modes seamlessly for a truly customizable experience. Furthermore, each item in the iroha series comes with an updated unique charging cable that is more compact and uses less plastic, allowing the user to simply place the item atop. The item itself will light up when charging while iroha’s soft-touch material is both anti-dust and waterproof, for a vibrator that is both durable and easy to maintain.

The iroha MIDORI is a rounded green vibrator which can be used to caress all over. The full Japanese name is HANAMIDORI which translates to green flower. Made with external stimulation in mind, the MIDORI features a rounded base and a perked-up tip allowing the users to target their pleasure points easier.

The iroha YUKI or iroha YUKIDARUMA in Japanese, gets its interesting design from the shape of a snowman. (yukidaruma also means snowman in Japanese). The iroha YUKI is a versatile vibrator featuring a semi-insertable tip which can be used for internal and external stimulation.

The iroha SAKURA, or iroha HINAZAKURA in Japanese, is inspired by the shape of a Japanese cherry blossom petal. The SAKURA allows you to pinch and please a variety of erogenous zones thanks to its indented tip, now even more welcoming with a softer edge and rounder opening, making it ideal for external pleasure. The SAKURA’s unique design and soft material make it easy to use and comfortable to hold, perfect for anyone who enjoys external pleasure on multiple areas of the body.

Eddie Marklew, Global Marketing Manager at iroha says: “With the renewal of the iroha series, we have kept true to our aim of combining functionality with design. The iroha series was created with the aim to help more women enjoy self-pleasure with confidence and comfort. We remain committed to creating an environment where everyone can feel comfortable expressing their sexuality and this commitment can be seen in the design of each and every product in iroha line-up. Each product is inspired by elements of Japanese culture and is designed for comfortable and easy use for both beginners and those more familiar with self-pleasure products”.