Kheper Games, Inc. launches new Who is the Biggest Dick? game

Kheper Games, Inc. is proud to release its newest drinking game, ‘Who Is the Biggest Dick?’

‘Who is the Biggest Dick?’ is the latest addition to Kheper’s ‘Who is the Biggest….?’ line, following the successes of’ Who is the Biggest Slut?’ Who is the Biggest Pervert?, and ‘Who Is the Biggest Freak?’ In this game, players are asked questions like ‘Have you ever flipped over someone’s sofa cushion after spilling on it?’ or ‘Do you often lie to salespeople promising that you’ll be back?’ Game play is simple: if your answer is yes, you are a DICK! and you take a drink.

You’ll never run out of fun things to drink to with 552 questions to drink to. The humor is campy and fun, and pokes jokes at all the somewhat dickish things many of us are guilty of doing.

This game has taken off because of how easy it is to play and how humorous the content it. It is also an extremely flexible party game as players can easily exit and reenter gameplay,” explains CEO Brian Pellham. “For drinking games especially, rules need to be easy to follow, as they are with all our games. These games also have our unique humor as well so things can get dirty and hilarious very often. It can even be played with two players, but we recommend at least three.”