Kheper launches Melting Rose Petals

Kheper, Inc. announced the launch of their new bath and body concept, Melting Rose Petals. Melting Rose Petals is a romantic and sensual bath item that can be used by lovers or by an individual who wishes to enjoy a luxurious soak in the tub. The set includes 40 grams (1.4 oz.) of soft silky rose petal-shaped bath confetti. Each set includes approximately 60 rose petals, so there can be 5-12 uses per set depending on how many you wish to use in your bath.

The rose petals feel similar to real rose petals and have a soft rose scent to them. They are made organically primarily from vegetable oils. They only melt when they are wet and they will not stick to bed linens or bathroom tiles, should someone wish to leave a trail of rose petals for his or her lover. Because they are made of soap, they easily can be cleaned off of any surface if they do come into contact with water.

“This was one of our most successful new product launches a few weeks ago at ANME.” Explains CEO Brian Pellham. “People love that we keep coming up with new and creative items for the ever expanding bath and body sections in the adult marketplace. First the trend was bath salts, then bath bombs and now are we starting to see that we have created another trend within the bath and body market.”

Kheper, Inc. sells a full line of romantic bath and rose petal accessories also including: Trail or Roses, Foreplay Bath Salts, Sensuality Bath Salts, Passion Bath Salts. Sexy Surprise Inside Bath Bombs, Naughty Bath Bombs, Wine Scented Bath Bombs, Fizzing Bath Tints, Sexplosion Bath Bombs, Multi-Color Lavender Bath Bombs, Diamond Bath Bombs, and Sex Fortune Cookie Bath Bombs.