SHOTS are introducing thier stunning new collection, Le Désir Color. Inspired by the best-selling items from their Classic collection, they’ve given these amazing designs a vibrant color. From deep ocean blues to fiery sunset oranges, each piece was a work of art that mirrored the beauty of nature. This line consist 8 gorgeous designs made from soft, super stretchy fabric and fits sizes, ranging from XS to 4XL. This new collection is available now and ready for shipping.

Le Désir is here to empower women to embrace their bodies and feel confident and sexy in their own skin,” mentions Gwen, Brand Ambassador of Le Désir. “We believe that lingerie is a powerful tool for self-expression and that every woman deserves to have beautiful, premium-quality options that make them feel amazing. With this mission in mind our in-house designer poured her heart and soul into crafting original pieces that fits on different body types so it looks and feels great on everyone. The stunning patterns of these Classic items accentuates the body and lines, ensuring an extra dose of allure.’

However, the Le Désir experience extends beyond just offering an affordable yet luxurious product,’ Gwen says. ‘Unpacking the Le Désir lingerie is as unwrapping a special gift, the feeling of opening a presents on a special day. With eye to detail we always put a personal empowering note inside the packaging so the customers confidence is boosted before they even try it on.’

Whoever sells Le Désir in a store or online shop, should carry the same Le Désir feeling. That’s why SHOTS have created POS materials. Whether it’s hangers, banners, or other visual elements, they provide a comprehensive selection to ensure a seamless integration of the Le Désir experience instore. If you want to know more about sales information or for additional marketing, POS materials or any other request please feel free to contact Brand Ambassador Gwen at gwen@shots.nl.