Le Wand adds fresh new cherry color for Petite and Chrome collections

For the first time in two years, Le Wand is introducing a new colorway for its Petite and Chrome collections with Cherry joining the brand’s eye-catching range of vibrant, luxe shades.

Le Wand’s fun and festive new Cherry color option for its Petite and Chrome massagers arrive just in time for the upcoming holidays. Featuring Le Wand’s signature sophisticated designs and technology, the new Cherry Chrome and Petite massagers offer another stylish option for the gift-giving season.

“Just like any person can feel great after a makeover, so can any product,” COTR founder and CEO Alicia Sinclair Rosen said. “The 2021 holiday season is nearly here and there’s no time like the present for a fresh new addition of color to our core lines.”

Citing the unique way that color triggers the human psyche, Sinclair Rosen says that Le Wand’s new Cherry tone is more than just an attractive color.

“A dark, bold red like our new Cherry Collection evokes strong emotions like passion or intensity, encourages appetite, symbolizes love and danger,” she said. “Eyes look to red first, as it draws attention, creating movement and excitement. These are the type of emotions we’re aiming to inspire with our new Cherry color.”

The newly introduced Cherry color also represents a sophisticated blend of Le Wand’s other bestselling pink and purple colors. Le Wand’s vibrant assortment of color options also includes pastels, trendy rose-gold, violet, blue, classic pearl, grey, and black, as well as special limited edition artist collaborative styles.

Le Wand’s latest arrival is a must-stock item for the holiday season. Beginning with the end-of-the-year festivities, Le Wand’s new Cherry Petite and Chrome vibes are perfect for gifting to a partner, friend, or oneself. Come February, the new Cherry shade is destined to be a favorite for lovers and anyone looking for a night of passion with a massager that’s dressed to impress in a color that reflects their fiery desire within.