New Aneros products now available

Aneros is excited to officially announce the release of the first ever adjustable prostate massager, the Aneros PSY, as well as the new water-based gel lubricant, the Sessions GEL. Both of these brand new items are officially now available.

The PSY takes its name from psyche, the ancient Greek word for butterfly, one of nature’s wonders that has long symbolized freedom, transformation, beauty, and love. The PSY follows the legacy of much of Aneros’ early product development, originally inspired by nature. Like all Aneros massagers, the PSY is anatomically designed to work in harmony with your body. Excellent for intermediate and advanced users and those who desire the options of stronger or more subtle external stimulation, the Aneros PSY is in a class by itself.

The Aneros PSY features a silicone coated, multi-contoured head, body, and stem for more robust anal and prostate stimulation, and adjustable arms and tabs for creating your own custom fit or preference. Unlike any other Aneros prostate massagers, the arm and tab adjustments allow users to fine-tune external stimulation, setting comfort, insertion depth and perineum and K-spot pressure. “The product came into fruition when we noticed a lot of our users would modify their Aneros devices to get the [right spot]. The New Aneros PSY resolves this issue. After many revisions and rigorous testing, we received our stamp of approval from our tester program”, says Brent Aldon, Director of Sales and Marketing for Aneros. 

In addition to the Aneros PSY, Aneros is also introducing their brand-new water-based GEL lubricant. A specially formulated version of our Sessions liquid lubricant with a thicker gel-like consistency for greater comfort and a more cushioned feel. The formula is made with naturally derived ingredients with added aloe and olive leaf extracts which is a powerful antioxidant, natural moisturizer and natural bio-static. It is fragrance and flavor free, hypoallergenic, non-staining and vegan free. This new item will be added to the lubricant collection in addition to the Sessions Lubricant.