New at ORION Wholesale:  AWAQ.U inspires a desire for life and love 

ORION Wholesale is launching four new sex toys in trendy purple with the AWAQ.U label by You2Toys, – for young couples who love adventure and experimentation and are curious about life and love. 

The stylish pleasure devices from AWAQ.U are made of silicone and covered with a silky Soft Touch texture – making them easy to insert and glide almost on their own. They are amazingly flexible, allow for many variations of play and adapt perfectly to the body’s movements when changing positions. The vibrators from AWAQ.U each have 1-2 powerful motors with 10 intense vibration modes. These can be conveniently controlled directly on the toy at the push of a button– even in and under water, since the vibrators from AWAQ.U are waterproof. The vibrators are recharged via the included USB cable. 

The following models are available: 

The AWAQ.U Vibrator 1 has a clitoral and anal stimulator to pleasure vaginally, clitorally and anally. There are two powerful motors with 10 vibration modes each in the shaft and clitoris stimulator that also reach the anal stimulator. The vibrator adapts perfectly to the body thanks to its curved shaft, grooved clitoral stimulator and slim, flexible anal stimulator. 

The AWAQ.U Vibrator 2 stimulates the vagina and clitoris with two powerful motors – there are 10 vibration modes per. The curved head with its distinctive grooves perfectly reaches and stimulates the G-spot. At the same time, the clitoris is also pleasured by the flat, grooved stimulator on the outside. 

The AWAQ.U Vibrator 3 is the jack of all trades of pleasure with low-frequency vibrations: its powerful motor provides 10 intense vibration modes that can be felt deeply. With its wonderfully curved head and pronounced grooves underneath, it perfectly stimulates the G-spot when inserted vaginally. 

The AWAQ.U Vibrator 4 provides both vaginal and anal pleasure. With its ideally curved head and pronounced grooves underneath, it reaches and stimulates the G-spot intensely with its powerful motor that offers 10 vibration modes. At the same time, the anal region is stimulated by the slim stimulator with its grooved head. 

All stylish sex toys from AWAQ.U are delivered in high-quality cardboard boxes that have product descriptions in several different languages. Plastic is not being used for the sake of the environment. The packaging can also be stood up or hung up with the hanger in the middle. More products will now fit into the sales space because they’re more compact. They also take up less space when they’re in storage as well.