New at ORION Wholesale:  Liaison – Powerful sex toys in a luxurious design

ORION Wholesale has launched the new Liaison sex toys from You2Toys and these sex toys quite literally enjoy a ‘liaison’ between glass and silicone.  

The collection is made up of four beautiful and elegantly designed sex toys that combine all the advantages of a silicone and glass vibrator and they are great for providing a special experience as well. Both ends can be used – one end is made out of high-quality silicone with a velvety Soft Touch texture and the other end is made out of solid, high-quality borosilicate glass with an LED light in the tip. A powerful motor provides each end with 10 diverse vibration modes. The modes can be easily adjusted with the button in the middle. The vibrations at both ends are intense which makes them perfect for diverse massages and stimulation in and on the body – alone or with a partner. The glass end can also be warmed up or cooled down making it perfect for fancy temperature play. The powerful motors can be recharged with the included USB cable.  

The following models are available: 

Liaison Vibrator WAND’: Wand LED vibrator for full-body massages and spot-on stimulation  

Liaison Vibrator CURVE’: Curved LED vibrator for deep stimulation 

Liaison Vibrator STRAIGHT’: Straight LED vibrator, straight and versatile 

Liaison Vibrator G-SPOT’: G-Spot LED vibrator for intense stimulation 

The beautiful sex toys from Liaison are delivered in high-quality white boxes with a lid so that the toys can be stored discreetly. The boxes have sturdy sleeves around them with a picture of the product and a description of the product in various languages on them too. The sleeve also has a hanger in the middle which means that the packaging can be hung up.