New from Je Joue: Amour, Duet and Vita

Just in time for Valentine’s Day; for those whose love language is physical touch, the new launch of bullet vibrators from luxury sex toy brand Je Joue, cover all bases. The three bullets are the most versatile yet, with various shapes, textures and tips, users are sure to find their perfect match.

The bullets are fully charged in an hour, with 90 minutes of play, leaving plenty of time to tease and explore the body at the user’s own pace. Visually striking, each bullet is individually designed with its own shape and texture, making them not only look gorgeous but feel gorgeous, each delivering a different sensation.  Users can try all 3 or choose the one that vibes with them As with all the toys Je Joue have to offer, these luxury bullets have a deep, rumbly motor for that richer, deeper, sensation that unlocks pleasure with ease.

Amour is a beautiful heart-shaped tip bullet that offers endless playful, fluttering sensations. Amour’s tapping tip tickles the body, and invites users to explore all erogenous zones. Amour is perfect for teasing all the pleasure points such as the clitoris, nipples, and testicles. With body safe medical grade silicone, Amour feels super silky soft to touch. Duet is the multi-surfaced bullet vibrator, with small rounded points to give different sensations across the body. Using the textures of Duet to stimulate external pleasure points such as the clitoris and nipple, Duet can also be inserted to enjoy shallow internal vibrations. True to the name, Duet can do both. With a unique, wand-tipped bullet, Vita aims for dedicated pleasure hitting the right spot. Vita will stimulate the clitoris, nipple and other zones and with its flexible neck will reach places a standard bullet can’t.

MD of Je Joue, John Gorman says: “Here at Je Joue, we’re committed to growing our collection whilst retaining our signature quality. Our new bullet range gives our customers more choice than ever from a bullet vibrator with a range of unique shapes for varied play and sensations. We’re excited to release them into the market and grateful for the ongoing support from our trade partners.”