New from Lola Games: Ducky 2.0

Lola Games has upgraded their popular Fantasy collection leading to the introduction of their newest product – the Ducky 2.0 vacuum wave stimulator. As always, the company is mindful of the changing preferences of users and took steps to develop a device that is in tune with their needs.

The stimulator boasts ten vibration modes with two buttons to make adjustments. Additionally, one button allows for easy mode switching in reverse order. Thanks to its magnetic charging capabilities, the device is charged using the package-included USB cable in a mere hour. The device also has a low noise level making it comfortable to use anytime, anywhere!

As before the Ducky 2.0 vacuum wave stimulator is made from eco-friendly hypoallergenic silicone, providing users with a soft, delicate touch. Its nozzle diameter is just 1cm, making it the perfect guide to pleasure – suitable for both solo stimulation and partner play – and effectively targeting the most sensitive female organ. With IPX7 water resistance, users with all sensitivities can even experience multiple orgasms underwater.

To enhance the user experience, the stimulator comes in three color variations – violet, blush pink, and yellow. These color variations not only add to the Fantasy collection’s palette but also help users differentiate the Ducky 2.0 from its predecessor.

Finally, Lola Games has not forgotten about the storage aspect of their product. To this end, the stimulator comes with an eco-friendly cardboard packaging and a storage bag. The accessory is not only beautiful but also reliable protection for the device from dust, scratches, and other damage!