New from Tonga: Ramrod

Ramrod is a new label from Dream Toys, featuring manual and automatic penis pumps with several types of handles and sleeves. The Ramrod collection arrives at Tonga in January as one of the first new collections of the new year in the web store.

A pump as a masturbator: They all improve the erection and performance. The vacuum also helps to get and maintain an erection in case of erectile dysfunction. In each Ramrod box there’s also a stretchable penis ring that can help keep the erection during or after pumping. The pump cylinder is transparent and has size marks so the user can keep track of progress. They have a quick release valve to be able to immediately lower the pressure. Because each Ramrod pump comes with an extra vagina sleeve, they can also serve as a masturbator.

Manual or automatic operation: The manually operated Ramrod pumps offer several types of operation. The Classic Penis Pump & Masturbator has a squeeze ball for pumping. There’s a Ramrod pump with trigger operation and one with the same trigger operation plus an additional vibrating bullet, and a pump with a pistol handle. Two manual pumps come with a pressure meter, they can be chosen with a trigger handle or a pistol handle.Then there’s the Automatic Ramrod pump with 3 speed vacuum sucking that is easy to use thanks to 2-button operation. This pump is tubeless, the buttons are in the cap at the bottom of the pump. The second automatic Ramrod device is a pump with a digital pressure meter. This one has 2-button operation as well, but the buttons are located on the handheld pressure meter at the end of the suction tube. Both automatic Ramrod pumps require AA batteries that are not included.

Donut sleeve, vagina sleeve, mouth sleeve: Each Ramrod pump includes two sleeves: the standard black donut sleeve and an extra vagina sleeve, that transforms the pump in a satisfying masturbator. Separate sleeves are available in the Ramrod collection. A vagina sleeve and a mouth sleeve can be purchased as single products, for those who want to replace their Ramrod sleeve or who prefer a mouth over a vagina for their masturbation sessions. The sleeves are made of TPE, body safe, stretchable and soft to the touch.