New: Red Revolution’s Sofia, Eva and Pandora

Tonga’s Red Revolution collection started as a range of nine toys. Many Tonga customers used their starter package that contained these nine toys plus info sheets and slat wall toy stands to thoroughly know the products and as demo toys in their stores. Since these starter packages were sent out Tonga saw a consistent popularity of the Red Revolution range that offers a great value for money ratio. 

The Red Revolution collection has since been extended with the Eros couple vibrator, and more recently with three new toys: Sofia, Eva and Pandora.

Sofia and Eva

Sofia is a duo vibrator made of silicone and ABS. This duo vibrator has two powerful motors, in the top and in the flexible clitoral stimulator. It offers seven vibration rhythms in the shaft while the clitoris stimulator has three vibration speeds. 

Eva resembles Sofia. This toy’s shaft has the same shape as Sofia’s but Eva doesn’t have a clitoral stimulator. Eva does have two motors as well, which are in the tip and in the center of the shaft. Offering seven vibration rhythms and featuring a special function, Eva is great for multiple types of pleasure. The up-and-down moving bead in the center is perfect for stimulation of the labia. The moving bead has three rolling speeds. 

Eva and Sofia are USB-rechargeable with the include magnetic cable, fully waterproof and featuring three operating buttons for ease of use. 


Designed for couples, Pandora is a stimulator with 12 vibration rhythms and a wireless remote control. With Pandora´s small end inserted in the vagina, there is room for the penis to penetrate and the big part will stimulate the clitoris. This way both partners enjoy the pleasure and stimulation that Pandora brings and operation is easy thanks to the stylish round remote. Both devices are made of silicone and ABS, both are rechargeable with the included magnetic USB cable.