Now available at SHOTS: S-Line Masturbators

The funny and bold S-Line family, a proud in-house designed brand from SHOTS, welcomes 5 new members! These new items, made from top-notch TPR and in an eye-catching packaging, speak for themselves, making the wildest fantasy come true.

The Nurse: I must say, you’ve got beautiful veins.

The Teacher: Let’s make detention a little more interesting.

The French Maid: I’m all set and ready for you…monsieur!

The Dirty Cop: You have the right to remain silent, but I highly doubt you will.

The Stewardess Prepare for take-off, you will reach new heights that will leave you breathless.

That was quite an introduction,“ laughs Stephanie, Marketeer at SHOTS. “it is exactly how we are branding S-Line, fun humorous but still with a nice product. That is the brand expression we are going for; it makes you want to buy it all. Taking an inside joke to the next level or just when you are lost for ideas during the holiday season.”

As a fun way of making it pop in a store SHOTS have The Dirty Cop big cutout board introducing her friends, or if someone don’t have the space in his store, The Dirty Cop is also available as a little cutout board, as an assistant at the counter or next to the items on the shelves.