OhMiBod prioritizes intimacy and shared stimulation for couples with blueMotion NEX|3

 OhMiBod announces the release of the much-anticipated blueMotion NEX|3, a Bluetooth enabled, vibrating couples ring. The hallmark of the NEX|3 is OhMiBod’s innovative Extended Touch design, a flexible and avant-garde feature created to ensure that both partners receive shared stimulation. This fresh take on the traditional couples ring is further enhanced when connected to the OhMiBod Remote App.

OhMiBod’s blueMotion NEX|3 is the latest example of the award-winning company’s strong commitment to pushing the evolution of both technology and design for sexual health, wellness, and intimacy. The NEX|3 riffs on the ‘classic’ vibrating ring with its Extended Touch design and Velvet Wave comfort technology, which offers a soft-to-the touch, pillow-like, body-safe silicone that is ridged to deliver both comfort and pleasure. With both features working together, the NEX|3 ensures greater satisfaction for the receiving partner by providing more consistent body contact and increased stimulation.

“The traditional couples ring design presents two common challenges: a lack of consistent body contact with vibrations during movement and ring discomfort when placed between two bodies. OhMiBod is committed to creating well-designed products that ensure maximum comfort and pleasure. We believe the NEX|3’s design, which features our Extended Touch design and Velvet Wave technology, is the answer to these longstanding obstacles,” said OhMiBod founder Suki Dunham.

The new vibrating ring takes advantage of recent updates to the OhMiBod Remote App. The most exciting of its new functionality takes OhMiBod back to its music-based roots. Users can ‘feel the music’ while getting intimate to their favorite songs using the signature Club Vibe mode. This feature is particularly important given the scientifically proven impact music and sex have on the brain, not only engaging its emotion-processing regions but also triggering the release of dopamine.

“The COVID era has laid bare the critical importance of safety, happiness, wellness, and intimacy,” said Suki Dunham. “The blueMotion NEX|3 delivers a dual-sensory experience where couples can enjoy the beat and rhythm of songs through the vibrations. With the NEX|3’s new design, the ability for a couple to share all aspects of this experience is truly remarkable.” 

OhMiBod Remote App also features a Bluetooth integration for AirPods and speakers, as well as independent volume and vibrator intensity controls. Once downloaded from the Apple Store or Google Play, it immediately pairs and plays with all OhMiBod Bluetooth enabled vibrators. Users can enjoy real-time video calling to see one another’s reactions, send orgasm notifications via the App’s Oh!Dometer, set orgasm goals, log their frequency to monitor sexual health, and use in-app chat and photo sharing.