Orion Valentines Day Surprise Bag

Erotic Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day at ORION Wholesale

ORION Wholesale has numerous suggestions of products that you could offer your customers at Valentine’s Day. How about an erotic package that is packed full of items for more fun together as a couple? The “Happy Valentine’s Surprise-Bag” (item number 0636320 0000) has six items for couples in love. However, if someone is looking for a smaller gift the company would like to recommend the erotic massage oil “Rose” from Magoon (item number 0621692 0000), the glass dildo “Arts Clair Amour” from You2Toys (item number 0521086 0000), a chain for the intimate area with a heart-shaped pendant (item number 0770752 0000) or lovely heart-shaped bath confetti (item number 0775967 0000).