ORION Wholesale: New pleasure dispensers from Sweet Smile 

The lifestyle design of the sex toys from Sweet Smile inspires love. Two new pleasure dispensers have now been added to Sweet Smile’s extensive sex toy range. 

The lightweight and extremely quiet ‘RC Panty Vibrator’ delivers intense fun when worn in panties, where it can be attached without slipping thanks to its small, strong magnet. Made from soft silicone, it moulds perfectly to the anatomy with its two textured mounds and stimulates the clitoris and vulva in a targeted and intense way – completely discreetly anytime and anywhere. The 10 vibration modes can be easily controlled with the remote control. With a range of 8 metres, it can also be controlled by a partner for surprise and control games. The vibrations can also be controlled directly on the panty vibrator at the touch of a button – turning it into an amazing lay-on vibrator. The ‘RC Panty Vibrator’ can be recharged with the included USB cable and batteries for the remote control are also included. 

The ‘RC Hands-free Vibrator’ is the all-rounder for intense dual stimulation of the vagina and clitoris or anus and vulva. The highly flexible, ergonomic double-arm design adapts perfectly to the body and movements – for maximum stimulation and a comfortable feel. Two quiet motors discreetly provide 10 vibration modes in each arm to intensively pamper both internally and externally at the same time. The varied modes can be controlled with the remote control, but the vibrations can also be controlled directly on the toy at the touch of a button. The handy, silky soft double vibrator is easy to insert with its gently grooved shaft. The widened head targets the vaginal G-spot. The textured vibrating arm is also perfectly shaped, with a soft bulge that nestles perfectly against the clitoris or vulva lips. The ‘RC Hands-free Vibrator’ is also rechargeable with the included USB cable, the batteries for the remote control are also included. 

The Sweet Smile sex toys come in cardboard packaging with multi-lingual product descriptions. Thanks to the practical magnetic closure, the front of the packaging is easy to open and close, behind which the sex toy is placed in an environmentally friendly cardboard tray for viewing. Plastic has been avoided as far as possible for the sake of the environment. The only use of plastic is as hygienic protection in the form of a small insert that is not glued to the box. This makes it easy to separate the cardboard from the plastic. The packaging can be stood upright or hung in the centre. As they are very compact, several items can be presented on one sales floor and storage is also space-saving.