Rocks Off with four new products at eroFame

Rocks Off will present four new products at their eroFame booth #71 next week. The products are called Ignition, Rise, Ruby Glow and Wildboy.
“We are really proud of our fabulous new male product called Rise, it is a very sleek, seductive and sophisticated intimate male masturbator”, said MD Sue Walsh. “Rise delivers a look and feel of pure masculine sensuality and is designed to provide high levels of pleasure, while users still maintain control. The product is USB rechargeable, waterproof with ten powerful high octane pulsations. Rise is the first of the next generation of a high end life-style range of male products that will be launched to market very soon, so we are super excited about this”
“We have another new Rocks-Off bullet, again USB rechargeable called Ignition It’s a ten-speed designed to be used on its own, but also to be used with the existing RO 80 bulleted products, both male and female, therefore turning all of your “favourites” instantly into rechargeable toys. Ignition is powerful, streamlined, but also beautifully elegant to give orgasmic stimulation to every intimate trigger point.”
“There’s also an addition to the current 7 speed “Boy’s” line with our latest new kid on the block called Wild Boy. Lovers of the O, Naughty, Rude, Bad, Big and Butt range will love this product as it comes, if you will excuse the term, with a real cheeky but ultimately stimulating twist!!”
“And now one just for the ladies, we’ve teamed up with the published erotic writer, Brit Babe member and now sex toy designer Tabitha Rayne for a product that’s really different called Ruby Glow.”