New at ORION Wholesale:  ‘Training Pleasure Balls’ for a stronger pelvic floor 

A strong pelvic floor is not just important for health and well-being – it also helps with good sex too. This is because it is a firm, muscular pleasure canal which provides even more intense stimulation during sex – for both HIM and HER.  
The new ‘Training Pleasure Balls’ from You2Toys are available at ORION Wholesale and they are perfect for strengthening the pelvic floor. The vibro-balls are made out of soft silicone and they are available in three different versions. They pleasure and train the pelvic floor and the vaginal muscles with their 10 different vibration modes. The modes can be easily adjusted with the button at the end of the flexible retrieval strap or with the remote control. The remote control has a range of 5 metres which means that it can also be used by a partner as well!  The pleasurable training can also be done in the water as well because the “Training Pleasure Balls” are waterproof. Furthermore, a USB cable, a battery (LR23A) for the remote control and a storage bag are included.  

The following ‘Training Pleasure Balls’ from You2Toys are available:
Vibro Ball ‘RC Love Ball’, 38 g / Vibro Ball ‘RC Love Ball’, 61 g /Vibro Balls ‘RC Duo Love Balls’,

A special eye-catcher is the wonderfully designed packaging of the “Training Pleasure Balls” from You2Toys, which is designed like a bag. Plastic is not being used for the sake of the environment. There is a description of the product in various languages on the packaging as well. The packaging can also be stood up or hung up with the hanger in the middle. There is a little storage bag in the packing too so that the love balls can be stored safely.