Satisfyer partner toy

Satisfyer presents new partner toy brand

Satisfyer will be selling its new partner toys under the new “partner” brand starting in the end of September. “With our partner toys, every customer should immediately understand what it is about! Thus, with our new brand, the name already says it all,” says Jerome Bensimon, Vice President of Sales for Satisfyer and the new affiliated “partner” brand.

“The selling prices for both toys are at 49.99 Euros and 69.99 Euros, incl. value added tax, and the retail prices offer an attractive margin at 16.66 and 23.33 Euros”, adds product developer Dr Karen Mäder, “our two new partner toys are not only a design highlight; they also have significant benefits when compared with our competitors’ products: end consumers can purchase both of our partner toys without problems, as both display significant differences. Whilst the We-Vibe design has virtually repeated itself for years, we also address every generation of owners of already purchased We-Vibe products.”

Furthermore, by its own account, Satisfyer has invested a seven-digit amount in patent research and their own solutions. “The protection of our rights and the rights of third parties are important to us and apply for all countries worldwide. Merely in Canada and Australia, our lawyers are still in negotiations with the patent authorities. In contrast, the situation in the USA, Europe, China, South America, Japan and Russia has been conclusively clarified for us and all necessary patents have been applied for and/or submitted.”