Smooth lubes by Sensuous in new packaging

Sensuous Smooth personal lubricants with new looks

Australian company Sensuous have given their Smooth personal lubricant range a revamp with a new look. The company has dropped the outer box and gone for a sleek, and more chique cosmetic look. There are four products in the range, Smooth Natural, Smooth as Ice and Smooth & Warming. These products are glycerin free and made with natural ingredients. The company also has Smooth Silicone which is a high quality long lasting silicone lube.

“Smooth was one of the first products we ever launched,” said Keith Jones joint founder of the company, “we have come a very long way since then and we thought it was about time we looked at giving the bottles a bit of a facelift. Well we tweaked a bit here and tweaked a bit there and decided the best thing to do was start again, and while we were at it we also decided to add two more products to the range. What we have now is a clean modern look that is eye catching and practical. We are very happy with the design and I’m sure our customers will be too.”