Sportsheets announced the launch of their first ever reusable gift-box kits

The new Kits Collection from Sportsheets is comprised of three ready to gift kits: Learn the Ropes and Love Me Gentle, both sensory bondage kits and Perfect Practice, an anal training kit. These kits offer consumers an easy, thoughtful, and multi-valued way to give the gift of pleasure. Each kit is tailored to unlock a certain type of kink from bondage bliss to penetration pleasure. The Kits Collection offers guidance for beginners and experts alike, with a helpful instruction packet to break down everything they will need to know in each box.

“When conceptualizing these kits, education and the customer’s experience were top of mind” says Creative Director Chaney Cox. “Not only did we want to include literature to offer guidance on how to use these kits, but we also wanted to create a gifting experience that would create connection between partners and help them turn fantasy into reality.”

Each kit is assembled in a weighted matte-black box with a product-driven pattern that glistens as the small illustrations of the kits contents hits the light. “Turning our products into a pattern to create a wrapping paper style design on the box itself makes them great gifting options as there is no wrapping needed” notes Graphic Designer Neena Sanchez. “Plus, the box can be repurposed to package up another gift, used to keep products safely tucked away or simply to keep on display as a reminder of the good times had using the products inside.”

The combination of the gift-ready box along with the informational insert makes these kits an effortless way to introduce new play to a partner or give a thoughtful gift. “The response from our customers has been overwhelmingly positive” says B2B Sales Manager Julia Harney. “Of course, we love the kits, but we are so pleased that customers are sharing the same excitement.”