Joyride GlassiX by ST Rubber

ST RUBBER presents JOYRIDE Premium GlassiX

Extravagance in material and finish: ST Rubber wants to set standards with its own brand JOYRIDE Premium GlassiX. The 19 forms are always unique since each toy from JOYRIDE Premium GlassiX is handmade. The models available so far are based on the specifications of each design, but it is the small difference, which makes each toy special, ST Rubber announced.

The surfaces of the glass toys are hard and scratch-resistant and therefore, according to the company, guaranteed break-proof. All toys of JOYRIDE Premium GlassiX are anti-allergenic, odorless and easy to clean: Warm water and mild soap are enough. ST Rubber’s Toy Cleaner can also be used for cleaning. Each JOYRIDE toy has a velvet pouch for proper storage.