SVAKOM presents: IKER

What better way to start a new month than receiving surprises from brands that decide to pamper us with one more piece for their line. A great success for the brand comes from the hand of its new and powerful IKER, a stylish plug that is full of functions, angles and technology to show us that, there are even greater options behind pieces that may be somewhat familiar.

The eternal elegance of a matte black ultra-soft silicone wrapping a pair of powerful motors, gives us two very different functions that can also be controlled simultaneously or independently, providing a much broader play experience and combinations.

The highlights:

Definitely the pulsating feature on top of the longer end of the toy (insertable). WARNING, it is quite intense and very pleasant, this is the first piece that the American brand decides to add this function to, same that they have been perfecting for months according to a SVAKOM representative.

The vibrations from the motor at the bottom of the toy also turned out to be more intense than what we are used to and, putting both ends to work together, creates an intense and unexpected sensation. 

Its incredible shape and ergonomic design are inspired in the search for inclusion since each part of the toy was crafted to be 100% functional and correctly stimulate all kinds of anatomies, opening the way to creativity in the use of pleasure toys. 

The SVAKOM app -available in AppStore and GooglePlay- is very easy to use and, naturally, creates a unique environment to interact with the device either alone or with a partner and from the same room or on the other side of the globe.