Swiss Navy releases new Limited Edition Playful Flavors

M.D. Science Lab is releasing a new limited-edition flavor in their award-winning 4 in 1 Playful Flavors collection. This bestselling line will now include one more flavor profile that consumers will immediately connect witt – Sweethearts!

We know that with Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, we wanted to create a new flavor that our retail partners could benefit from with increased sales—and that would resonate with consumers,” said Briana Watkins, ACS, M.D. Science Lab’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “Sweethearts is the perfect flavor because it naturally brings fun, romantic images to mind. And, I have to commend our team in the lab because they truly hit it out of the park with the deliciousness of this new flavor!”

Sweethearts are an iconic heart-shaped candy that has been shared by lovers for more than a century. These classic candies symbolize love and bring back memories of youthful delight and pure sweetness with their uniquely subtle flavor blend of cherry, banana, strawberry, grape, and orange.

Enjoying the flavor and scent of 4 in 1 Playful Flavors Sweethearts may serve as a nostalgic memory cue for positive experiences previously enjoyed.

Our entire team is excited that we were able to get this newest flavor out well ahead of the Valentine’s Day holiday,” said Watkins. “Our team is ready to begin accepting orders for this limited-edition flavor that is sure to sell out.”