TENGA is releasing Puffy

The TENGA Puffy is the ultra-soft and silky-smooth pleasure product that provides irresistible, supple tactile sensations. Users can sink into soft, enveloping pleasure and experience the ultimate in luxurious softness!

The TENGA Puffy’s marshmallow soft body is made from a premium soft elastomer that provides an unprecedented seductive feel of irresistible, supple tactile sensations. The delicate internal details produce tingly-soft, enveloping sensations for a luxurious melty-soft pleasure. To use, squeeze the soft case during use to control the pressure inside while the anti-dust protective coating has a supple, smooth texture, providing a pleasurable tactile feeling.

Eddie Marklew, Global Marketing Manager at TENGA says: “Soft; seductive and silky smooth. “The TENGA Puffy is the ultimate in luxurious softness which allows the user to experience super soft sensations unlike anything they’ve ever felt before. The TENGA Puffy is the silky-smooth addition to the TENGA product line for those seeking a more tactile and seductive feel”.

The 3 different versions of the TENGA Puffy are available from July 15th.