The proven bestseller for safer sex:  ‘Secura Condoms’ in a new design 

The condom brand Secura has stood for the highest quality for over 50 years and is still one of ORION Wholesale’s bestsellers today. Now, ‘Secura Kondome’ has been renamed ‘Secura Condoms’. The packaging design has also been given a makeover with a new logo and new icons. The slogan “Choose your EXTRA” is also new, and the range has been adapted to match. The following options are now available in pack sizes of 12, 48 and 100: 

Secura Condoms ‘Original’ (also available in a 1000 pcs bag) 

Secura Condoms ‘Extra Feel’

Secura Condoms ‘Extra Fun’ 

Secura Condoms ‘Extra Large’

Secura Condoms ‘Extra Wet’

Secura Condoms ‘Extra Safe’