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Kheper Games launches four new Sash and Veil Products

Kheper Games announced the official launch of four new items into their Ladies Night and Party lines to include a Get Me Drunk Sash, a Bride-to-Be…Wasted Sash, Bar Glass Veil, and Stylish Veil. All four items aim at bride-to-be parties but the Get Me Drunk Sash also works for bachelors, birthdays, and any other type of party where someone wants to drink and have a good time.

  • The Get Me Drunk Sash and Bride-to-Be…Wasted Sash fit most people and add cleverness to the traditional sash by adding in drinking humor.
  • The Stylish Veil accompanies Kheper Games’ Naughty Veil.  It is blue and has silver diamond ring confetti sewn on it, whereas the Naughty Veil is white with multi-colored penis confetti on it.
  • The Bar Glass Veil fits most standard wine and cocktail glasses, and is a very inexpensive novelty for a bride-to-be.

“Bride-to-Be and Party Novelties are making a comeback for us,” explains CEO Brian Pellham.  “People want to have a good time, and it’s not just the women now asking for more items for their last night out parties.  After visiting hundreds of stores last year, the biggest requests were for more items for men, and new items for women that they haven’t seen at other bride parties.”