The Screaming O’s RingO 2 presents new isolation sensation for men

​​The Screaming O has debuted the RingO 2, a one-of-a-kind stretchy cock ring that presents men with a unique isolation sensation unlike anything else on the market. Its dual ring design offers separate constriction of the penis and testicles for a more intense experience that can be enjoyed by cock ring fans of all experience – and income – levels.

The RingO 2 looks like a cock ring within a cock ring and makes it easy to isolate the shaft and the testicles to pay special attention to each part of the male genitals. Made of durable SEBS that’s been lab-tested and confirmed body-safe, the RingO 2 stretches wide to fit almost any size with a wide, flat band that sits snug and secure. This combination of design elements provides firm penis and testicle support that can enhance intimate experiences of all kinds for men and their partners.

“Part of our philosophy is to create easy-to-use and affordable sex toys that have more than just one basic pleasure function, and that includes finding ways to enhance the user experience with regards to cock rings,” The Screaming O Account Executive Conde Aumann said. “Our RingOs are consistently on our Top 10 best-seller lists because of their simple, yet incredibly effective design, so we upped the ante. This dual-ring version with a flat band has made it easy for men to enjoy a slightly more intense cock ring experience without committing to an expensive device.”

The RingO 2 is available in Blue, Clear and Red and comes packaged in sealed foil pouches for easy grab-n-go shopping. POP displays and pre-filled candy bowls are also available.