Vagina Contest Winners

The World’s Most Beautiful Vagina Contest winners are now available

In the summer of 2015, Brian Sloan’s World’s Most Beautiful Vagina Contest became a viral news story written about on hundreds of websites across more than 50 countries and the subject of a short documentary viewed by millions of people who left 10’s of thousands of comments. Two years after the contest’s completion, all three winner’s genitals have been mass produced as male masturbation aides. Originally conceived of as a project to make the Autoblow 2 into a more realistic sex machine, the 3d scans have ultimately been used to create a series of handheld masturbators available on

The new strokers are comprised of clear channels topped by flesh colored vulvas, accurately replicated with .01mm by an Artec 3d scanner. The see-though handle portion has a magnifying effect, making their penises look larger than they actually are. Brian Sloan, the entrepreneur who held the contest and created the products, said the following: “As adoption of masturbation aids by men becomes more normalized, I think, psychologically speaking, it is important to take these products out of the realm of porn and into reality. Most male masturbators are related to porn performers, and while I do not believe there is anything wrong with porn performer’s genitals, I do want to encourage a more realistic view of women’s vulvas as well as promote the idea that there is something freshly erotic about male sex toys created from women who are not a part of the adult industry and who’s faces the users of the products will never see. I prefer to leave something to the imagination.”