Thermo-reactive Real Love in new colours

Anyone who’s familiar with the Dream Toys product ranges might know the thermo-reactive Real Love dildos, that are – until now – available in black and light skin colour. Now Tonga comes out with new colours for these dildos. This summer you’ll find 4 different designs of Real Love dildos in 2 colours each: purple and fuchsia pink. They will be available at Tonga BV in mid-July.

Dual Density

The premium silicone dildo is a realistic dildo with a Dual Density Shaft. This means it has a firm inner core that is filled with patented Silexpan material, and a soft, lifelike silicone outside. This adds to the experience when using this toy: penetration will feel like it’s the real thing! The glans and veins also contribute to this experience. The dildo has a suction cup base, so that it will stick firmly to any smooth surface. The purple and pink Real Love dildos are available without balls in 15cm (6 inch)  and 19 cm (7.5 inch) lengths, and as dildos with balls in 18 cm (7 inch) and 21 cm (8.5 inch) lengths.


Another great feature of the new premium silicone dildos is that they have Thermo Reactive properties. The dildos will become softer when they’re heated in water or a microwave, and harder when they’re cooled in water or the fridge.