Oral Sex Mints

Topco brings back ‘Go Deep’ Oral Sex Mints

Topco announced the return of Go Deep Oral Sex Mints, benzocaine-based lozenges that make it easier to enjoy “deep throat” style oral sex. First introduced in 2008, Go Deep Oral Sex Mints are fast-moving consumables made for impulse and point-of-purchase sales and give retailers a tempting upsell that appeals to shoppers of all kinds. Delivering a fresh minty boost and a tantalizing tingling sensation, these mints deliver a mild numbing effect that allows partners to give deep fellatio.

“Go Deep Oral Sex Mints were one of the first top-selling Topco classics that I wanted to bring back to the forefront, and I’m so pleased to see our customers’ rave response,” Topco COO Autumn O’Bryan said. “Our goal is to bring customers products that deliver strong sales and repeat buys, and when so many customers clamor to get a product like this back on shelves, it’s only logical that we make it available ASAP. Go Deep Oral Sex Mints are the original low-commitment, high reward oral sex supplement and we’re pleased to make them available to customers worldwide.”

Go Deep Oral Sex Mints feature peppermint oil that tingles the tongue – and everywhere else it touches – and benzocaine, which mildly numbs the throat. Users can experiment with letting the lozenge dissolve slowly during oral sex or let it completely coat the mouth before playtime to see how deep they can go. Topco’s clear, easy-to-read packaging details the mints’ multiple uses, ensuring shoppers don’t miss a thing.

Go Deep Oral Sex Mints come in tins of 20, and Topco is offering retailers a convenient countertop POP display pre-stocked with 24 tins. To place an order, contact your preferred Topco rep or email info@topcosales.us.