DUSEDO launches the Xtreme Power Engine 2.0 and The Seat

DUSEDO hast launched the new improved Xtreme Power Engine 2.0 by MOI, which the company describes as “even better, stronger, and easier to use” than its predecessor.

With its new design, MOI has created a fuck machine like never before. The suction cups at the bottom of each foot will suck itself to almost any flat surface you can find. Once stuck to the floor, wall, or another flat surface, the Xtreme strong suction cups under the stable heavy duty frame will make sure that the Xtreme Power Engine 2.0 stays in place under every circumstance. So the user can focus on other things, such as deciding what speed and power she or he wants to use.

DUSEDO also added the The Seat. This piece of adult furniture is designed to give or get the ultimate rim job or (hole) eating experience. The actual seat part can be put up and down, like a real toilet seat. The PU-leather, used for finishing the seat and headrest parts, makes The Seat look kinky, yet easy to clean, if necessary.

With only 8.5 kg this rim seat is light weighted but super strong. The height of the seat and headrest can be easily adjusted by using the pinch pins. With the included mounting rod the customer can easily transform this rim seat into a fuck seat, by releasing the headrest, clicking on the mounting rod and attaching the compatible MOI Power Engine Adjustable Fuck Machine.