Vibio releases Frida

With the current Covid-19 crisis and lockdowns causing issues and creating many long distance relationships, keeping the spark alive and finding a way to enjoy some quality intimate time together has become harder. This has now got a step easier with the launch of the new Frida app controlled wearable vibrator from Vibio. Frida connects to the users’ phone via bluetooth. Via the app, users can control the intensity and speed of different vibration patterns, add their partner to control it regardless of their location and set pleasure targets and challenges to explore their sexuality together. Frida takes the shame and guilt from pleasure and make it a shareable experience with the objective of normalizing it. 

Frida is:

  • Anatomically designed (that means it fits where it’s supposed to)
  • Wearable (the labia hold it in place so you can even wear it under your panties)
  • Double stimulation (for clit, labia and opening of the vagina)
  • Waterproof
  • Discreet & lightweight
  • App-controlled (turn it on and change the vibration settings from a smartphone)
  • For solo play
  • Or partner play (let someone else take control, no matter where they are)

As part of the development of Frida, Vibio engaged with a number of female consumers to ensure that this was a product that they wanted and enjoyed. For more info please click here

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