Wave Your Wand for Greener Sex: Love Not War launches ‘world’s most sustainable wand’

British eco-friendly vibrator brand, Love Not War, is launching the ‘world’s most sustainable wand’, The Koi, as it continues to champion the cause for greener eco-friendly sex toys.

The Koi was designed and created in Love Not War’s custom-built, green-energy-powered factory and is made from predominantly recycled and recyclable materials. The green-conscious company limits the use of plastics in its products and uses body-safe and earth-safe materials including, FDA-grade silicone, recycled aluminium, eco-friendly glue, soy ink and FSC cardboard packaging in a bid to be as sustainable as possible. 

The Koi is petite, one of the smallest wands on the market, yet is powerful and features four intensity levels and seven vibration patterns. It is fully waterproof and features a travel lock too. 

The Koi is the latest addition to Love Not War’s unique range of sustainable sex toys which have been shortlisted for a Green Product Award, highlighting their genuine commitment towards sustainability. Love Not War’s range proves it is possible to be sustainable without compromising on function or quality. 

All of their products come with a battery base that is interchangeable with all of their detachable heads, meaning you need only one battery unit to power multiple toys. This design also makes Love Not War’s products easier to recycle and repair should any issues arise.

CEO and co-founder of Love Not War, Will Ranscombe said: Wands are a popular sex toy, but up until now, there were no eco-friendly options on the market. Consumers who wanted a fuller head on their toys to stimulate a larger surface area have had to settle for devices that fall short when it comes to sustainability. 

“At Love Not War we have a culture that is completely centred around sustainability and creating high-quality products that don’t compromise on pleasure or cost the earth. The Koi, along with the other products in our range, is leading the charge in the sustainable vibrator sector. 

“The consumer world is starting to make some sizeable shifts in terms of the products they are buying and the different sustainable habits they are putting into practice however, we have found that when it comes to their choice of ‘green’ sex toys, the choices out there are limited. It is only a matter of time before the sex toy industry follows suit, a trend that we both predict and would very much welcome.’

Love Not War launched in early 2021 and has already introduced six other products making the Koi the seventh addition to its repertoire. The Koi will be available alongside the brand’s full range of products at www.l-n-w.com from next month.