Dame expands its sexual wellness portfolio with strategic acqusition of Emojibator

Dame announces its acquisition of Emojibator. Known for its playful and conversation-starting designs that promote self-pleasure and body-safe sexual wellness products, Emojibator aligns seamlessly with Dame’s mission of making pleasure accessible for all genders, sexualities and lifestyles. This acquisition marks an exciting development in the sexual wellness space as Dame grows its portfolio with Emojibator, and works to create an even more inclusive, fun approach to sex and pleasure.

With the global sexual wellness market poised to reach $125.1 Billion by 2026, and ​​a fast-growing increase in consumer demand, the acquisition marks a monumental moment for Dame. With the acquisition of Emojibator, Dame’s CEO, Al Fine, will now oversee both brands, while Emojibator’s founder, Joe Vela, remains involved, transitioning into a role within Dame as Director of Sales Americas. The acquisition represents Dame’s belief that pleasure is unique and diverse, and it equips the brand with a wider portfolio of tools to touch more consumers.

Emojibator has been recognized for its humorous approach to sexual wellness. Founded by Joe Vela and Kristin Fretz in 2016, its award-winning products, like the eggplant emoji vibrator, embody their ethos that self-pleasure should be creative and fun. By embracing humor, quality design, and an accessible price point, Emojibator has made it easier for individuals of all backgrounds to engage in open conversations about masturbation and sex.

“Dame’s acquisition of Emojibator aligns perfectly with our shared mission of fostering a more open and inclusive dialogue around sexual wellness,” said Al Fine, CEO of Dame. “Sexual wellbeing looks different to everyone. Emojibator’s light-hearted approach opens the door to a demographic that is unique from Dame, allowing us to reach new audiences.”

“Joining forces with Dame represents a tremendous opportunity to grow Emojibator’s impact,” exclaimed Emojibator’s founder, Joe Vela. “We’re excited to bring pleasure to more people as part of the Dame team, and we’re confident that this collaboration will drive positive change.”

Dame’s rapid success, profitability and stability in the sexual health market has positioned the company to acquire Emojibator and forecast, develop and introduce multiple product launches on behalf of both brands for 2024. Anyone wishing to purchase the fun and discreet Emojibator products, should reach out to Dame sales team –sales@dameproducts.com