Dreamlove moves to new buildings

International Dreamlove is finishing the works of the new facilities and begins the transfer of the current facilities in Alcalá de Guadaira in Seville to the Carmona Logistics Park in Seville. More than 60 truck trailers have been hired to transport millions of products. New automation robots are already being assembled in the new facilities and the official transfer that began mid May will end in the last week of July. In the meantime, Dreamlove will remain fully operational handling all orders from the new and existing facilities to continue supporting all customers without stopping production. The works of all the offices will end in July and that will be when the total transfer is completed. From then on, Dreamlove will have four times the current space, being able to multiply the stock capacity in addition to substantially improving the logistics of shipments. The company will be able to increase production by more than 80% in addition to improving storage capacity.
Just this year the company celebrates its 15th anniversary and it is planned to celebrate a party in November with hundreds of clients inaugurating the new facilities.