EDC Wholesale improves stock level of top selling items

EDC Wholesale announced a tremendous improvement of its top-sellers’ fill rate. Due to the arrival of extra stock, top-sellers are now available to order in high quantity. 

The Netherlands-based wholesaler made a strategic change in its supply chain and warehousing, which allows the company to add a higher stock level of popular items. “This allows us to balance the supply and demand of top-sellers from our house brand collections.” Commented Andre Visser, Sales Director at EDC Wholesale. “We see a higher demand for sex toys since the beginning of the corona crisis, which caused a shift in our stock level. Corona has taught us how important it is to anticipate changes in the market and to have the ability to build up a larger inventory. We are now prepared for seasonal peaks and a possible second wave.”

EDC Wholesale offers a wide selection of house brands with many top-selling items from the EasyToys collections, PantyRebel, LuvEgg, Boners, and the most recently added lines; Rosy Gold, Bloom and Senzi. Each collection was greatly received by the company’s customer base and are now back in stock.