Indian Sex-Tech Startup ‘Sassiest’ raises Pre-Series led by IMbesharam’s co-founder Raj Armani

In a significant start for an All women founding team in the sexual wellness industry in India, ‘Sassiest’ has secured pre-series funding led by investor and industry pioneer, Raj Armani, propelling women driven startups forward in the otherwise conservative and controversial category of consumer goods industry.

This sexual-health based start-up is a vision of Aishwarya Dua (CEO), Karishma Chavan (CBO) and Dr. Nikita Dound (CHO), whose combined expertise shapes the essence of the brand. Their leadership spearheads Sassiest’s comprehensive approach to sexual health and wellness.

Ms. Aishwarya Dua, Founder & CEO of Sassiest, emphasized, “In India, there exists a significant gap in awareness among women regarding avenues to address their sexual health and communicate their desires effectively, while recognizing the need for improvement in their relationship not only with their partners but also with themselves. Many are unaware of where & how to seek assistance. We, at Sassiest, see immense potential in technological advancements to bridge this gap, estimating an untapped market worth $5B awaiting innovative solutions.”

Raj Armani, an early founder & prolific voice in the sexual wellness industry and the driving force behind IMbesharam, has invested in Sassiest to further bolster his commitment for advancing sex-tech, sexual health, and wellness in India. With a decade of experience, Armani’s involvement and investment is for fuelling growth for Sassiest, and his staunch support for Women led entrepreneurship in India

I believe 2024 will be the golden year for sex-tech in India, sexual wellness will take the forefront and have the same priority as physical and mental wellness in the coming days. The struggles we face today to normalize this aspect of our lives will make ‘living’ better, balanced and fulfilling for the next generations who may not have to overcome similar stigmas in societal perceptions and will be able to make sensible and better choices for themselves. This is the purpose why we together as a community are fighting today’s demons for a brighter tomorrow. I believe women founders and leaders like Aishwarya, Karishma & Dr. Nikita in this ecosystem can deliver this message more holistically and organically than any brand, leader or voice. And for this purpose we have invested in the blossoming journey of Sassiest, so we can in part fuel their vision that this ‘trio’ is committed 100% to. Their success is the success of a 1.3B nation that is due its time in the sun and learns to separate taboo from fun.”

Karishma Chavan, Co-Founder & CBO mentioned, “Appearance of our products in the recent movie ‘Thank You for Coming’ is just the beginning. Our goal is to become a household name in the near future, contributing not only to the sexual wellness industry but also to cultural conversations around intimacy and well-being and this is just a start. there is a lot more to come.”

With 80% of women facing some sort of sexual dysfunction, Sassiest Healthcare aims to change this narrative by not only creating awareness but also providing safe and non-judgemental support throughout. Currently, 90% of our consultations are initiated by women, reflecting a growing demand for holistic, inclusive and proactive solutions” added Dr. Nikita, Co-founder & CHO at Sassiest.

Sassiest is a perfect amalgamation of Need and Want, where pleasure meets health for our customers. Bringing Raj from IMbesharam on board is an excellent step to get the decade-long insight and experience of the global pleasure products category for Sassiest to thrive! We Are Comingg” – Utkarsh Arora“

Sassiest prides itself in being India’s first doctor-backed sexual health and pleasure brand. The team is committed to empower and provide comprehensive solutions that cater to diverse needs of various individuals. Their offerings include a diverse range of science backed pleasure, health & hygiene-focused products, complemented by guidance from experts such as gynecologists, sexologists, and relationship coaches, catering to women aged 21 and beyond.