JOYDIVISION invests in climate protection

Since the middle of the 20th century, the global increase in carbon dioxide has more than tripled. The increase in CO2 particles means that less and less of the heat emitted by the earth can escape into space. The consequences: The Earth’s climate is warming, the polar caps and glaciers are melting and the water level of the oceans is rising.

To love with BIOglide means to make a small contribution to climate protection, because conscious consumer culture can also be lived in the most beautiful trivial matter of the world. JOYDIVISION international AG from Hanover therefore consciously focuses on climate-friendly production in Germany.

Sustainable action and voluntary commitment in the field of climate protection are not always a matter of course! For JOYDIVISION already! BIOglide gives nature back a piece of living space! Unfortunately, CO2 emissions cannot be completely avoided during the production of the natural lubricating gel, but the released carbon dioxide emission is compensated by the high-quality CO2 climate protection project “SODDO REFORESTATION” in Ethiopia. Unavoidable CO2 emissions for production and transport are offset by the climate protection project. Village communities renature severely degraded forests there and contribute to the long-term regeneration of the ecosystem in the region. The reforestation of mixed forests, cocoa cultivation and sustainable timber production ensures the protection of biodiversity and the restoration of the forest ecosystem.

In love as well as in organic products, the highest standards apply. The natural and vegan BIOglide offers gentle support for vaginal moisture and relieves intimate complaints. Nothing stands in the way of a carefree and naturally supported sexuality. The independent assessments of external institutions also prove this. The very good skin compatibility was confirmed in a clinical application test by the Dermatest GmbH.