JOYDIVISION offers 25% discount on Soft Tampons in May

Retailers can look forward to the popular stringless Soft-Tampons normal in packs of 10 in the month of May. Since 1998, millions of women have been able to enjoy their freedom with the lifestyle product Soft-Tampons. As the world’s largest manufacturer of special tampons, JOYDIVISION international AG grants a full 25% discount on the Soft-Tampons.

Unlike conventional tampons, the Soft-Tampons are not made of viscose or cotton, but of a special soft foam material that is compatible with mucous membranes. Soft-Tampons are not only suitable for sexual intercourse, they are also perfect for discreet carrying in the sauna (no thread visible) or safe wearing during swimming (reduces the risk of infection).

Available while stocks last. Simply send your order to The offer for the Soft-Tampons normal pack of 10 is valid for incoming orders from 01 May 2019 to 31 May 2019. Further promotions will follow monthly.