Kheper Games releases new catalogue

Kheper Games, Inc. has noticed a very strong trend during this awful pandemic we are all trying to cope with. Adult games sales are skyrocketing! People need something to do at home, and Kheper Games, Inc. has over 200 options for them. Specifically, adult party games, drinking games, and sex games are all performing strongly and selling at 200%+ over end of spring/ early summer numbers for similar months in previous years.

Kheper Games Inc. also has just updated their online catalog as well that includes their summer new releases as well as releases from earlier in the year. It can be found at their Kheper Games website, in the Images and Download Section, at the bottom of the front page. All new products are in stock and shipping.

The link is

“It’s bittersweet.” explains CEO Brian Pellham. “As awful and devastating as this virus is, we’re able to take pride in what we’re doing to help people stay home and stay safe. Our wide variety of flexible group games allow adults to entertain via video chat, or in small groups. With many states having closed bars or limited social events, and countries that are still just easing out of their lockdowns, we are appreciative that consumers are looking to our brand to offer them something to do at home. We first saw a swell in sales of our romance games during lockdown, and now the party, drinking and pot-themed small group games are taking off. This is the busiest June and July we have ever had!”