Lovehoney collaborate with Nytelse on new podcast campaign

Sexual wellness brand Lovehoney are excited to announce the collaboration between Norwegian sex toy retailer Nytelse and their new podcast campaign. Through the magic of an iTunes feature image, the podcast’s host will be shown immersed in a bath of hot pink happy rabbit vibrators helping to bring the podcast’s fun, open personality to life.

Nytelse’s Klimaks is a new weekly podcast from sexologist Maria K. Ebbestad, which probes everything to do with sex, featuring a variety of exciting guests and sexperts each week, who discuss everything from masturbation and sex drive, to anal sex and swingers.

Nytelse wanted to create a feature image for the podcast which popped out amongst the busy iTunes feed, helping them stand out from the crowd compared to other podcasts. 

A Nytelse spokesperson says “The colourful vibrators from happy rabbit were a perfect match for this photoshoot, and the result looks amazing. The Klimaks podcast premiered on the 29th June, and was a huge success right away.”