Lovehoney launches world’s first accredited qualification in ‘Sexual Happiness’

Lovehoney, the UK’s largest online sex toy retailer, has worked with local learning institution Bath College to develop a unique, world-first ‘Sexual Happiness’ qualification for all staff.

The Sexual Happiness qualification covers a wide and diverse range of subjects, varying from in-depth product knowledge, to sexual health issues, to sexual identity and more. Topics are taught by experienced Lovehoney staff – experts in their respective fields – alongside guest lecturers Dr Jamie Lawson of Bristol University and Victoria Lehmann, a long-established sexual and relationships therapist. Those that complete the course and accompanying workbook will gain a Level 2 in Sexual Happiness, accredited by Bath College and awarding body ABMA Education.

The first round of 10 participants, representing Customer Care, HR, Marketing, Online Trade, Sales, Buying and Content, graduated on May 31. Graduates have already reported that they have been able to use some of their newly acquired knowledge, most notably in the customer care department, to advise on a range of issues including products to use when transitioning from male-to-female, erectile dysfunction and many more.

Lovehoney has recently commissioned a study of 2000 sex toy and non sex toy users and found that 98% of respondents felt that sex was good for their wellbeing. A surprisingly large number – 29% – have struggled sexually due to medical reasons.

Richard Longhurst, Co-Founder Lovehoney comments: “It is our mantra that everyone deserves a fun and fulfilling sex life and we are delighted that we are able to offer our staff the first nationally recognised qualification in this field, to help our customers find the perfect products for better sex. Our award-winning customer services team had little room for improvement but a recognised award is the icing on the cake.”

Jenny Shipton, HR Advisor, Lovehoney comments: “We are the ‘sexual happiness’ people and we felt that with our exponential and international growth it was time to formalise our learning on the job into something that could be recognised the world over. Our aim is that all members of staff will take the course while they are here and the content thus far has proved invaluable so far for our customer services team, content team, marketing and more. We are delighted to be able to say we are the first company in the world to make ‘sexual happiness’ a legitimate qualification and want to thank everyone who has been involved.”

Kate Hobbs, Head of Department for Sport, Leisure and Care, Bath College comments: “Bath College are keen to support local companies to develop their workforce so they can continue to innovate and grow. We clearly see the value in this for Lovehoney and their staff and we’re proud to be associated with such a ground-breaking company. For us, the commitment Lovehoney were willing to make in this was an easy decision in seeking accreditation for this unique qualification.”

Victoria Lehmann, Sexual Therapist and Course Lecturer comments: “Who would have thought that 25 years after I trained as a sex therapist, I would be teaching on the world’s first ever accredited course in sexual Happiness. I recently finished teaching the first course and it was such a joy to have a group of individuals who were enthusiastic and prepared to learn how health issues affect relationships. I am absolutely convinced that their understanding, and complete commitment will ensure that this qualification will enhance the experience of every single Lovehoney customer.”