Marilena Popescu joins SCALA as International Account Manager

To enable the continued growth of SCALA, the company recently added various new Account Managers to their sales team. Marilena Popescu is the latest arrival to join the experienced sales division and will be responsible for SCALA customers in Italy and part of Eastern Europe. SCALA is confident Marilena’s international sales experience, language skills and caring, social personality will ensure she’ll provide a premium level of service to all her customer accounts.

Marilena was born in Romania, but comes from a Hungarian family. Currently residing in Rome, Italy, she will work for SCALA remotely, closer to her customer accounts; enabling her to visit retailers’ location for personal, face-to-face contact. During her studies, travel and working collaborations Marilena learned to speak multiple languages fluently, including English, French and Italian. Her working experience in sales spans various industries including high fashion, lingerie and lastly, 4 years in the environment of Religious/Devotion articles at the Vatican City; making her move to SCALA and its (slightly naughty) industry even more exciting.

“I love being outside in nature, trekking and rope climbing. When the weather doesn’t allow me, or my muscles give me sorrow, I give new life to antiques by restoring vintage furniture.” Marilena also has a big love for animals, volunteering for the Italian National Association ‘Protezzione Civile’, on projects helping animals in need, such as abandoned or lost dogs and cats.

SCALA hopes their Italy and Eastern European customers will soon have the chance to meet Marilena.