Matrix Vibes launches product testing program

Sexual enhancement manufacturer Matrix Vibes is seeking qualified industry members to participate in its new product testing program.

The program is open to sex educators, product experts, and sexual wellness professionals who are willing to share honest feedback with the Matrix Vibes product development team, and on social media.

Rick Magaña, Matrix Vibes Founder and CEO said, “we created the Matrix Vibes product testing program because we are committed to developing the most fast-acting and effective sexual enhancement products on the market. By collaborating with industry leaders, we are looking to elevate our product innovation, and the Matrix Vibes user experience.”

Matrix Vibes product testers will receive one Matrix Vibes enhancement product of their choice, as well as a commission on any sales they generate. Individuals will be asked to write an honest user review, and to create an informative video to share with their Instagram or TikTok community.

Magaña added, “additionally, each product ambassador can enjoy the potential of a rewarding commission through our affiliate initiative. Representing Matrix Vibes as a product tester means championing for sexual wellness. We warmly welcome all who resonate with our sex-positive ethos to apply.”

Industry members can apply online for the Matrix Vibes product testing program here.