Netflix’s Peek Behind the Pleasure Curtain: Womanizer’s 10 Years of Delight!

Leading the way in pleasure products, Womanizer proudly marks its 10th anniversary with a groundbreaking product release. ‘Womanizer Next’ sets a new standard by introducing the revolutionary 3D Pleasure Air Technology. For the exclusive Launch Party in Berlin, the company invited the Korean superstars Shin Dong-youp und Sung Si-kyung from the Netflix show Risqué Business to learn more about female masturbation.

Womanizer Shines in Netflix’s ‘Risqué Business’ Series

Womanizer takes center stage in the third season of Netflix’s ‘Risqué Business’ series, dedicating an entire episode to the brand’s journey. The two hosts explore the Womanizer product portfolio learning more about clitoral stimulation, the stigma around female masturbation and how products get tested before coming to the market. CEO Johannes Plettenberg gives an inspirational speech at the launch party of the new Womanizer Next to mark the new era for Pleasure Air Technology.

Evolution of Pleasure Unveiling Womanizer Duo 2 and the Masturbation Shower Head

At the heart of the anniversary celebration, Content Writer and product tester Alexis Smiley Smith presents the product portfolio, showcasing the Womanizer Duo 2 – a dual stimulator designed for blended orgasms. The Womanizer Wave, the world’s first masturbation shower head created in collaboration with hansgrohe, is introduced with intricate details, setting new standards for intimate self-care. Alexis also includes insightful tips on edging, offering a comprehensive exploration of pleasure.

Insights into Education, the Female Body, and Climax Exploration

Engaging in a thought-provoking discussion, Elisabeth Neumann, Sexologist and Head of User Testing, provides a deep dive into Womanizer’s avantgarde approach to education, dissecting the intricacies of the female body, and fostering a holistic exploration of climax. This dialogue underscores Womanizer’s unwavering dedication to not only revolutionizing pleasure but also contributing significantly to societal recognition and understanding. Womanizer goes beyond products; it is a pioneer in shaping conversations that challenge norms and embrace a comprehensive understanding of intimate well-being.

Womanizer A German Innovation Hub

Step into Womanizer’s Berlin headquarters for a journey through cutting-edge innovation. The R&D department, a hive of creativity, showcases the company’s dedication to excellence. Utilizing state-of-the- art 3D printers, every product undergoes meticulous ideation and prototyping, ensuring top-notch quality.

The ‘Masturbation Room’ stands as a testament to Womanizer’s commitment to user satisfaction. Far beyond conventional product testing, this space reflects the company’s bold approach to creating intimate well-being products that redefine boundaries and prioritize user experience at every level.